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ACW “MacGyver pack” as your Tactical medicine pack

ACWtactical to be part of the Medicine in in Bad places Expo for tactical medicine

Will be an Exciting event where we can showcase our Macgyver pack as an EMT/ Medical pack, one of it’s many adaptations…

Check Video here or on their website

“Train on how things are..not how you wish they would be..”

Definitely check our friends at Medicine in bad places out.

Are you prepared?  Having a ready kit can be your lifeline when you need it, or a great convenience for every day life.

ACW tactical  is fairly new to the scene, in our short time there has been growing interest in our gear as a Medical / first aid platform.

We design and create Gear and resources for our team, members and community at large.  The lack of well thought out and innovative products, and an always lacking ” customer service”  abilities is why we formed.   We got your six!

Our first, and now re-worked version of the ACW “MacGyver” pack has many faces, as it was intended to have when designed:   From a bug-out pack, EDC kit, hiking, travel companion, and as a medical pack ( yo name a few).   Small and easily worn or stowed it offers effective storage and deployment for many end user applications.

Pictured here: Outdoor, recreational & Job-site

Here below :  EMT medical / first responder kit

Survival, camping, Preparedness and “Bug out”:  Pack shown below in the form of our Fully loaded “MacGyver Kit” the any scenario utility and survival kit

Email us for group discounts for outfitting your team of individuals.

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“luck favors the well prepared”

Remember all of our members get lifetime free shipping:  “acw free ship”

For discounted prices because we cant stand making a profit, go to:

ACW team


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Macgyver pack ( generation II ) by ACW. Our original pack just got bad-ass…

We care about being the best at what we do, serving our members and a drive to creative problem solve.   Above and beyond the standard with customer/member support sounds like a good place to be.  It’s what many people claim but in reality the bottom dollar & hollow promises seem to rule.

We have taken a completely opposite approach:

Apply creative problem solving & logic + provide service & support like we all wish for = Purpose & satisfaction.  Let everything else fall where it may

Our newest gear says it well:

The ACW Tactical USA “MacGyver Pack”  ( GEN II available now ) + the ACW  ” Satellite pouch” ( available soon ).  Modular multi purpose gear


Pictured Above-  MacGyver Pack with sample patches ( for optional initialing / customizing )

What is the MacGyver Pack?   It is our version of a small / medium size utility pack ( approx 8” tall ), designed to be used for multiple scenarios or purposes depending on the end users requirements.  By far the most well thought out gear of it’s type.  With interior fold-out modular wings for ease of visually indexing small items and optimal organization.  Again designed and produced by us just because there was nothing like it available.  Uses have included:  EMT first responders type applications ( drop leg set – up and vehicle resource kits like our friends at Medicine in bad places ), medics, operators, contractors, moms, dads, students, travelers, prepers, handymen & women, EDC, professionals, camper, R.V. and vehicle base kits, law enforcement, disaster relief personnel, and bug-out kits to name a few.

And the MacGyver Kit ?   The kit is all of the items & contents we offer that make up what we call a fully loaded Macgyver kit.  In other words the Mac Kit uses the same Mac pack, but is loaded with tons of multi use survival, utility and real world useful items, a daily resource and survival kit with options!

You can order just the contents without the pack itself with our custom kit builder, or just wander through all of our items and buy what you need.

New Features include:

  • Two removable ” Multi straps” ( 18” x 1” webbing with Velcro backing ) Great versatility for anything you may think of

– Great for securing gear, tie – downs, cord / wire management, carrying handle configurations ( top, side, bottom ), Leg tie-downs for drop leg

configurations, expedient belt loops for hanging gear off of riggings / belts, or any user created applications.  Just another layer of options we

thought would be useful.

  • Volume:  Slightly larger overall pack size ( but not too much )
  • More mounting options ( side and bottom webbing tracks for MOLLE or whatever you conjure up), allowing for attachment of out Satellite pouches or “Sat pouches” on 5 different points of the pack. use one or all 5 for extreme load-outs to enhance your pack/kit and or for quick detachable mission specific Sat pouch load – outs.  Mind set here was to allow the end user to quickly remove a Sat module if the entire pack was not needed.  We have designed our own MOLLE quick release system complete with lanyards so nothing gets lost along the way.  An individual Sat pouch can be removed in just a couple seconds!  
  • “D” rings on corners and back, and strap fasteners
  • Easily open:  Improved strap “pull tabs” for ease of use
  • Interior adjustments to accommodate items more effectively
  • Colors:  Now available in Black, and Green both.  Other colors will become available in the near future…

We will be working more closely in the future with a great Veteran owner company “Superesse”, so keep an eye out for some collaboration efforts


Shown above in all black by popular demand…

The “MacGyver” packs ( empty , or loaded with MacGyver kit ) are available at this link:   New Gen II Mac pack 

The price will be kept low for a short time, and those of us who emailed interest will be sent a link to purchase your own packs at the old pack price like we promised…

The Sat pouches will be available in a few weeks, we are very excited to start offering these. 

Below is a preview of the Sat pouch as intended to be used with our Mac pack.

These also will be available in Green and Black.

Note:  We built the pouches to attach to the sides with a special front tab that locks into the Sat pouch buckle ring ( left or right depending ).  This means to access the main pack interior, one needs only to undo this tab latch and the pouch will fold back ( whilst still attached with it’s MOLLE shank ) so that the zipper can be operated on the main Mac pack.  Like we all know, versatility rules!!

Below is our design Rendering that gives another simplified view of the entire modular set-up for the Mac’s and Sat’s


Thank you all for the continued support, and letting us support our community !

Also,  The latest greatest version of our compact field guide and reference manual is out soon,  cheap good stuff, not the standard regurgitated same ol same ol….

Comment and follow us on the site or Stupid Book:            FaceBook


The ACW team

” The best way to get something done is to do something to get it done”
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30 minute warning (are you a survivor)



Stop everything.

Ask yourself, at this moment right now, are you ready for disaster Randomness to visit?

This will be the perfect time to test, because you didn’t see it coming, like many circumstances in real life.  You had no warning, yet here it is with you in the cross-hairs.

This will be the perfect example for you to reflect and examine what you could have done up to this moment, and in real time present, how ready you are.  That moment is here.  In this episode of ESCAPE, lets assume disaster is upon us, so now you get to realize how well you are ready for the big moment.

You may be in your vehicle waiting at soccer practice, in you bathroom on the porcelain throne, in the kitchen, at the office, in bed, wherever…

Use your CURRENT present location as you read this.

For this to be an effective exercise don’t cheat, you will only be cheating yourself if you know what i mean.

After you go through the scenarios, reflect on how you can be pro-active in the future, and gain some insight

As you go through the examples we lay out,  consider these and other things that pertain to you:

  • Do you have an exit plan?
  • Can you be on the road / trail in minutes to beat the wave of congestion?  What alternate methods of travel do you have and do you have set way-points to meet if you are separated from your group?
  • Are you planning on staying put, or bugging’ out?
  • What do you have with or near you to help?
  • Can you contact family or friends to coordinate? do you have a contingency already?
  • What is your fuel, water, food situation for today and days or weeks ahead, and do you have an emergency means to procure them further?
  • What items, equipment, skills and knowledge have you built up?
  • What do your surrounding conditions offer you, can you problem solve creatively?

Lets Start the clock count-down from 30 minutes to minute zero when disaster strikes.  Mentally walk through what you would do if given 30 minutes to prepare based on what you have in reality.   and…Begin

(You have 30 minutes for EACH scenario below.  write down on paper or mentally walk through each scenario in real time if possible)


Scenario A:  A ballistic nuclear missile / Meteor / “Dirty bomb” warning is issued.  The only information you have is the pending impact will be WITHIN a 25 mile radius of your current position

Scenario B:  An aggressive microbial outbreak is finally announce when the holding area is compromised.  Insiders had no choice but to notify the public after the breach.  It was located in a nondescript facility WITHIN 3 MILES from your current location ( or in the next largest town ).  An estimated 15,000 animals are infected, ranging from birds to cats, dogs and various wild animals.  Before the report it was also estimated that at least two dozen people working at the facility had been exposed.  At minute 25, those of you within radio/device or television range are informed that the animals were quarantined due to the discovery of a new strain of Rabies.  Drug experiments backfired creating a hyper aggressive strain instead.

Scenario C:  Solar Flare ( coronal mass ejection; or CME), or a situation of massive power grid and GPS / communication outage.  Lets assume that everything will be down for a period of a weeks to 2 months.  When the grid goes off-line, normal life alters…  ATM’s, banks, food stores, communications, electricity, gas pumps etc etc.

Remember sometimes it is best to observe and react DIFFERENTLY then the herd.  If the SHTF and you plan on using the roadways it makes a lot of sense to have BOB’S  ( bug out bags, or “go” bags) and resources ready to go.  Most people are reactive, not thinking through clearly so they will be jumping into vehicle quickly.  Then there are planners who are not ready.  Time management counts, they will be well equipped but stuck with the congestion sometimes.

Then there is you;  hopefully adaptable and ready.  You have your necessities and a means to make options for yourself…  Seems like the best way to thrive and survive any dilemma or disaster is actually a quality you posses ⇒ adaptability.   Compliment this by having useful resources and you are in a powerful place.   If for no other reason then remember this;  Many times we have no idea of specific threats and conditions right away:  Who, What, Why, When, and Where.

In our opinion

The more options of resources (r) the better.  The more adaptability (a) to conditions the better  = The more resilience,  & longevity ( “x” factor ).

r + a = x

When you combine  R + A,  you have an effective force multiplier.  Like a game of chess with more individual moves and combinations than the stars in the night sky

Great.  So OK, disasters are a fact”  of life.  they show up with and without warning.   Monday through Sunday.  And so does real life.   The real best part of it all is this:  These same ideas and perspectives are easily applied to real life scenarios EVERY DAY…  Be ready to adapt during your interview, on the job-site, in your home.  What you become is an asset, someone to be looked up to.  A person with use, knowledge and purpose, or an effective guardian or leader, not to mention you can handle things and make the best of a given situation.

What are your resources specifically and what do you use or want?   They can be knowledge, tools, skills, gear etc. :

( Our Generation II pack and satellite pouches are en-route soon, another new innovative and useful product designed and built by ACW tactical USA! )


Comment with us and the community on how well you think you would do and why.   We are all in this together, even if only some of us get it.

  • What would you like to see that you don’t have?
  • What is in your kit?  What would you recommend to be ready?  Your favorite items and gear?
  • Do you have a vehicle EDC, personal EDC etc?
  • If you have an ACW kit, how have you used it to get you out of a jam?  E-mail Pictures, or post to Facebook  stories of real life use of our gear, and we will slot you if for a possible replacement of the item for FREE as thanks.


Lastly, on a different note… What would you do in a morale dilemma?

The scenario:

1.  A train is coming down a tunnel at high speed.  The track comes to a “Y” in front of the train.  On one branch of the “Y” is 3 strangers.  on the other is one stranger.  Neither can escape if a train comes down their track.   You have control of the lever.  What way do you send the train?

2.  The same train is on a single track, with 3 strangers about 300 meters down track.  You are 100 meters away down track from the train, and 200 meters up track from the group.  There is one person in front of you on a shallow ledge, if you physically push them off they will be struck and cause the train to stop due to the train’s safety mechanism.  What choice would you make?

3. Using the above 2 examples, what would you do if you knew the group? if you knew the single person?  What if either or was very close to you ( a parent, sibling or loved one)?.

Thanks from the ACW team.   help us continue to support our members the way it should be done!  great items, resources and unyielding care and service!  ( the purpose we are here ).  Keep spreading the word, join the website, check in on Facebook!

All interested in the New ( arriving soon) Gen II Macgyver packs, and modular “Satellite” pouches ( great standalone or attachable to Macgyver pack/other gear )  Just drop us an > email<  with a few words and we will hook you up at the existing  price.  And as always our team members ( you guys who have purchased gear and signed up as members) pay no further shipping for life.


Covert Pocket Cap and Kit – Hidden In Plain Sight Velcro Operator Hat and Patch Supply Kit

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