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Preparedness Gifts – free shipping

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Top 3 Survival & Preparedness Gifts for the Holidays


Here’s a few ideas, perfect for those hard to buy for folks (or yourself)


Top 3 Survival & Preparedness Gifts for the Holidays


The ACW fully loaded “Mac-Gyver Kit”

top best edc survival gear Mac-Gyver pack


Innovative outside the box design and contents.

Easily the most versatile EDC pack around…  This bag of

possibilities is small enough, but large enough.  It is all

about options.  (Check the spec sheet for info and size)

Survival – Every day convenience & Utility – In the field, job-site, home base…

When you have this guy around, you have a resource of potential.


acw survival emergency utility best edc supplies



                   – Made to store a lot, but keep it organized

Removable back panel & Interior wings.  Easily index all you goodies visually.

MOLLE compatible and field tested.  We tied this to the back of a 4 wheeler on a 10′ cord                        and went nuts for 3 hours for our “still functional” test.  The upper and lower “D” rings                            each held a 185lb dude hanging from it pretty consistently.

Available in Black and 2 tone Army green.

[ Empty packs are great for any kit you wish to make, a favorite in the Medic community,                            Preppers, Contractors, Travelers, R.V’s, Campers, Military, New Adults, Tinkerers &                                    problem solving types, Professionals, or a vehicle EDC essentials kit ]



See Product



– With around 200 individual items it’s packed.

It has a well tough out list of items that populate the inside.  Some are a

little unusual for your standard Emergency pack, but they all have multiple uses for a

variety of end-user creativity or needs.


Discover the kit here 




the ACW Compact Reference & Field Guide


field manual with fresnel fire starting lens acw shtf



-Probably the coolest compact booklet within one light year.  Made and designed only here at ACW.

Choose from two variants: with or without a mini Fresnel Magnifying lens (great for seeing small print or starting a fire using the sun).

It’s basic, informative and CHEAP!  Stocking stuffer’ or for your pack.  They are minimal in size but full of

useful general information.

Another Unique self reliance creation, for the cost of a breakfast sandwich and coffee…


acw common items use diy hacks


ACW likes to do things a little different than the norm.

Inside there are pages of ideas on things like item uses, with illustrations.

Moon navigation – Compass nav – Communications – Signaling – Survival mind set

First aid – Safety – Conversion tables – Useful facts and info for every day life – Knots

Common wild edibles – (Hidden messages) – Emergency situations – Rigging things

Table place settings – Flag etiquette – Universal Holiday calendar and much more.



acw field manual moon navigation useful info edcacw field manual every day survival reference guideacw tactical fm 101.4c survival and knowledge resource

Only 4.25” x 5.5” in size.

A fun read that is refreshingly informative. 

A great Distillation on info and a “primer” on a lot of topics for you to look into on your own, in depth.

Check out the ACW Field Manual here


ACW “Mini-Survival Kit”

acw essential mini survival kit



-This one is just small, but large in value.

A “Tic Tac” sized container of essentials.  Now you can have what you need

when the SHTF just about anywhere.

Back side label lists the ingredients.




– Clear medical grade container you can throw in any purse, pocket or pack.

Also find our other mini-kit variants, great little pre-packed enhancers for all occasions.




Happy Holidays and cheers,

the little guys @ ACW 

Supporting those who support… and having some fun!

Get to our Instagram page and join in on the feed, and the GAWS.  Special thank you to Veterans as always, and those who give a shit

Oh, and Check out our CUSTOM KIT BUILDER OPTION at the website.

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Some more info MOAG (Mother of all giveaways)

One more thing, here is a complete list of all the companies donating gear along with us

(All listed on renegadeamunition’s site

Want to win so cool Swag and Gear from Renegade Ammunition and other Supporters of Patriots who support our USA VETERANS,  first responders , and the 2a community.

This is the largest 2a supporting giveaway EVER!

Over 110 businesses

100s of items worth $16,000+ and growing

6 Giveaways scheduled for 2018 (January, March, May, July, Sept/October, and Black Friday Week) were calling it the #MOAG2018 (Mother Of All Giveaways)

2019 Promotions start Aug 2018 Reserve your spot

Just Follow us on social media and follow hashtag #MOAG2018 to stay up to date on all events. We will always post a link here to enter and on all our profiles across social media.

If you’re a business interested in being part of this movement of 2a support,please contact us NOW!!! closing date to join is Oct 28 , 2018


List of companies for

#MOAG2018 giveaway 4 through 6 and Black Friday 2018.

OVER $16000 in prizes to win


 Number Business Product Value
1 Magpul MISC Magpul   ITEMS $1,200.00
2 Trijicon MRO’s $850.00
3  Advance Technology Int Misc Ar15 $1,600.00
4 Seek thermal Thermal $720.00
5 Black Rifle Coffee COFFEE $600.00
6 Renegade Ammunition Ammunition $500.00
7 Nemean arms muzzle break, patch, gen 2 plate carrier,AR15 pistol build kit $700.00
8 Thunder Guns UPPERS $500.00
9 Sports R us Parts $500.00
10 Triumph-Systems Pivotal trainer & Targets $500.00
11 Savage Savage 17HMR $450.00
12 Blackhawk Holsters $400.00
13 BCA Pending $350.00
14 Carbon Express hats $50.00
15 Condition 1 GUN CASES $500.00
16 AmeriGlo Ameriglo Sights $250.00
17 BackUp Tactical thread protectors $220.00
18 Sticky Holsters Holsters $200.00
19 Pro2a-Tactical Ar 15 rails $200.00
20 Never Enough Tactical Elite Box $200.00
21 Vortex Crossfire $179.00
22 Kydex Holster Solutions Holsters $175.00
23 NWTF Tumblers $150.00
24 Foam Actions Sports Shooting blocks $150.00
25 Odin Works Ar 15/ Misc $150.00
26 Obsidian arms Punch Set X3 $150.00
27 Gsm Outdoors Electronic muffs $150.00
28 Walkers Electronic muffs $150.00
29 Viper Cord Slings $140.00
30 Dark Energy Poseidon Charger & Power Cord, backpack $130.00
31 Hawke optics vantage 3-9×40 $120.00
32 Ray Cash Glass Bar Set $120.00
33 Owl Holsters Holsters $120.00
34 Zombie Immunity Zombie Immunity $120.00
35 Phone Scope Gift Card/ unit $120.00
36 Chad Varga Books $120.00
37 Mag Packer Mag Packer $120.00
38 D’s Guards Trigger Guards $120.00
39 Vets Mfg Carrier $120.00
40 Tactic shop Assault backpack $120.00
41 Vulture Equipment Works Liquid Freakiness $120.00
42 Tactical Walls Issue Box $120.00
43 Goat Guns Goat Guns $120.00
44 Brim it Brim it clips/Hats $100.00
45 Axelson Tactical Hats, Shirts $100.00
46 Piolett Defense Ammunition $100.00
47 Mag Block Mag Block $100.00
48 Honor Vapes E juice $100.00
49 Redline Steel Wall Décor $100.00
50  Alpha Out Post Torch/Neptune $100.00
51 Wizards pins Pins $100.00
52 Grill Your Ass Off SPICES $120.00
53 A Regular Guy Reviews Ar-15 Muzzle Break $80.00
54 WCmade Muzzle Break $80.00
55 Brass Shots Shot Glasses $60.00
56 Badass Babe Key-chains $60.00
57 Trigger Safe Trigger Safe $60.00
58 Safari Land Holsters $60.00
59 Mighty Armory Decapping Die $60.00
60 Chris James Freedom for Men $60.00
61 Soledier Socks  socks $60.00
62 ArmySoldier67 phone pops $60.00
63 Strike Force Energy energy packs $60.00
64 Strike Survival strikers $60.00
65 Smittys Beard Sauce BBQ sauce $60.00
66 H&K MISC Items $50.00
67 MikeNess Misc $50.00
68 Owl & Anchor Stickers $50.00
69 Lucky shot USA Shot Glasses $50.00
70 Williams Gun Sights MISC $50.00
71 Battle Patches Morale Patches $50.00
72 Dead Ringer Hyper Strike 3 $30.00
73 Beauty & the Brass Necklace $30.00
74 3% Nation Misc $30.00
75 Freedom Flag Products Hats Decals $30.00
76 Marcus Letrell LS POSTER $20.00
77 Balleck Wilderness Warmth $20.00
78 SSP Eyewear Shooting Glasses $20.00
79 Melvin Morris MOH Signed Picture $20.00
80 RTIC MUGS $20.00
81 Bowhunters of America PENDING $20.00
82 BigGunner81 Mise $20.00
83 String Snot String Snot $20.00
84 001 Project Pearl Harbor MISC $20.00
85 Little Viper pepper spray $20.00
86 Fire House Dolls Calendar $20.00
87 American Barrels collector bottle $20.00
88 555 fitness Pending
89 Polimer 80 Pending
90 laser ammo Pending
91 Tactikey Tactikey $240.00
92 Big Dong Targets BIG DONG TARGETS $50.00
93 Pittsburgh cerakote gift-card for cerakote $100.00
94 AmeriGlo Ameriglo Sights $250.00
95 BackUp Tactical thread protectors $220.00
96 Savage Savage 17HMR $450.00
97 221b Tactical  Gloves,  bag, knife $250.00
98 American Badass Apparel Shirts $100.00
99 Alpha Omega Holsters gift card $90.00
100 Readygunner gift card $100.00
101 Allegiant Holsters gift card $70.00
102 Burn Proof Gear Burn Proof Hanks $90.00
103 Blackheart Tactical Gift Card $75.00
104 Seabag Locker Coffee Coffee 3 Pack + stickers, patch $75.00
105 ACW Tactical 550 cord, survival kits, sat bags $450.00
106 11BParacord para-cord $100.00
107 dead Point G 22 rod light $200.00
108 Clover Tac Hat, Stickers $30.00

Here is the link to enter:

MOAG2018 5 of 6 35 Businesses 30 Winners ENDS Oct 14, 2018 If any Errors happen please contact

be sure to follow us on instagram!!!


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New Gear Alert… The ACW “Mini-Survival Kit”

A “no-brainer” item… Cheap, and packs a big punch in a little package.

Ultra compact readiness in a tiny package.  All the essentials for when you need them, a well though-out resource that can go almost anywhere and takes up next to no space!  Supplement your kits, gear or travel equipment with these or just toss one in your hand bag, glove box, or pocket.

CONTENTS:  1 Clear Medical grade container (1 5/8” wide,5/8” deep, 2.5” tall) -Tenacious tape (2.25” pc) – 1 Fire tab – 2 mini eye screws – 1 hardened nail – 1 paper clip – 2 mini chem lights – 1 mini compass – 1 compact magnesium fire starter – 2 Needles – 5 to 10′ thread – 12 to 18′ braided Coramid high test line – Bobbin of fish line – 1 wood screw – Surgical blade – Tooth pick – Cork – 2 to 4 sinkers – Fishing swivel – 2 fish hooks – 8” pc mini cordage – P-38 tool – Hot glue stick – Water purification tabs – Mini Fresnel lens magnifier/fire starter.

Click her to visit the Website product page

Be part of the team @acw_tactical  on Instagram, follow for giveaways, discounts, pics and stories…

“Luck favors the well prepared”