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Why this may be your best Survival Kit…

Top rated Survival kit : ACW “MAC-Gyver kit”. What is it ? How is it Uniquely different ? Why you should have one (or make your own) ?

With hundreds of components, the focus of the kit is OPTIONS & VERSATILITY.
Photo credit: Dwayne Unger (@ dwayneungeroutdoors )

Over the past months i have looked online for “best survival kits”. To my disappointment, nothing original really popped up. It was the same ol usual suspects of somewhat mindless bundles of cheap backpacks stuffed with emergency water, some type of walmart multi-tool axe thingy maybe, and cruddy flashlights… This made me wonder.

Where is the ACW MAC-Gyver kit on google? Did the “Survival kit” keywords become exclusive to generic bug-out packs? I can’t even figure out the internet when it comes to indexing and algorithms still, but it seems like what we really want to see is behind the chaff , adds and whatever big business does to coax us along like cattle. Makes for nostalgia for the simple days of analog , yet the internet is still amazing. I digress…so


The last “survival kit” that was top rated on google, didn’t even have a fire starter, or any thoughtful contents???? In all fairness, many kits have SOME good points, but if i made my own “bug-out bag”, i would start from the ground up: Pick a decent pack. Add meaningful contents & personalize. For the price some of these kits are well worth it, so there are a few pros.


Simple: You can not plan completely, because of the unexpected. Best you can do is ADAPT (Also, by the way- you don’t HAVE to have an ACW kit, make your own if your savvy). This is where the fully loaded MAC-Gyver kit shines… It is meant to be the building blocks and potential resources for multiple uses and scenarios, hence the name. IT SHOULD BE THE CORE MINIMUM when it comes to survival and preparedness gear, and built around further if you choose with other gear, like a 72 hour ruck, etc. Some really creative and smart people made the kit to begin with, namely the Cargen bros. ADAPTABILITY is the greatest asset to have. When you combine creative problem solving with multiple resources,it is a force multiplier

Jim Cobb from Survival affectionately notes in an article for Survivors edge magazine, that the ACW tactical kit is like a “junk drawer” but with good stuff. Jim is a renowned writer and survivalist with over 30 years experience in teaching and lecturing.


As stated above, it is based on practical theory: Have a wide range of survival and utility items to problem solve with. Also, have a pack that is well thought-out in design for easy indexing and organization. For something the size of a small purse it is LOADED with essential goodies and some uncommon characters & versatile every day items like; wire, glue, super thick foil sheeting for example.

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Extremely comprehensive contents to choose from…
acw preparedness gear
Shown above: left- an ACW MAC-medic pack, right- an ACW MAC-Gyver pack.

Make your own, or get a pre-loaded version…

We encourage all to go ahead and make your own, or buy one like this if you can. The empty pack is available at use it to add your own goodies to, or choose from many small items on the website. The site is designed to offer all the items and make your own custom kits, along with true sincere support.

One of the greatest things that makes this kit original, beyond the rest, is that it is a useful everyday utility resource. Unlike many pre-fab sealed survival kits, this one is meant to be used, carried, or waiting in the trunk of your vehicle.

Here is the pack on Amazon. (all 5 star reviews):

The compact field manual comes standard inside, or is available separately- a unique and useful booklet.

By: T AND R CARGEN. Just hoping to make a difference for individuals, and run a company the way everyone would wish it should be done.