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Protective Masks are running low (in stock for now) …

Releasing more of our Reserve N95, KN95, Surgical mask for members & Front-line personnel

Hey Members!

Just a short friendly alert to snatch up any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the form of MASKS that we are selling out of. Want to make sure this newsletter/article reaches our supporters and members first and foremost.

So yeah, we have a few of these KN95’s for “just in case” scenarios. Well this is one of those times.

We are after all a Preparedness company, focused on supporting our people. As such, we have some stocks of masks, including the KN95 (turns out they are even more comfortable that our N95’s based on feedback).

The masks are almost identical in performance to the N95 masks that so many are struggling to find.

PLEASE pass along this info to anyone who works in the “hot spots” so that they have access.

We are limiting the N95’s and KN95’s to one per member, and the basic level 1 surgical masks to 10… UNLESS you are:

  • VETERANS /ACTIVE DUTY (sorry, but we believe you deserve preferential treatment)
  • LEO (all Law Enforcement Officers )
  • ANY TYPE OF FIRST RESPONDER (Firefighters, EMT’s, Rangers, Troopers etc, etc)
  • HEALTHCARE WORKERS (all Nurses , NP’s, LPN’s, Doctors, therapists etc. If you work in a healthcare facility, or in support)
  • FOOD SERVICE/ESSENTIAL STORE WORKERS (Grocery, utility, janitors, etc. )

If you are, tell us in your order notes for a “promo code” to buy more without shipping costs

click here to see our protective masks product page

It pays to prep, sometimes we stop and think, boy i’m lucky. Sometimes we should keep in mind, wherever we are in life is due in large part to each and every decision made UP to any given moment.

“Luck favors the well prepared”

(A good attitude helps some also)

If you don’t have one (or 3 ) by now, discover our useful life & survival booklet:

or at:

– Side note on our Compact field manual, AKA “Pocket survival guide”: There is a section on how to “DIY” an expedient protective mask using common items we sell on our website, or things you may have around the house.

Get over to sign up if you haven’t yet. Wander through our Gear & Items, and enjoy some “unusual” support…

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Tiny Pocket Survival Guide

Tiny acw survival guide fresnel acw

A True Actual Life & Survival Guide

MADE IN THE USA. We design, illustrate and create it all here. The “ACW Compact Reference and Field Manual” (Pocket survival guide) <that’s a link right there to an in depth visual page> Is unlike other booklets out there. From a couple of curious kids long ago in the north country, to now as big (still curious) kids, we have distilled years of research and problem solving into something that’s Tiny, and packed full of useful real world and survival content.  It looks different, because it is. Sometimes you just need to create what you dream, in order to have it.

How to solve the problem of creating a “most useful field guide”?

For us it just made sense to first identify it as a problem, then creatively solve that problem.

The constraints…

Keeping it small, mass matters. Keeping it effective. Make it practical & useful for all ages. Create something different. Have it a useful guide for Daily things, and emergency.

“Edibles that are good & plants to avoid. Most people can not correctly identify poison ivy / oak or sumac. Find these two and 70 more pages in this Tiny 5.5 inch by 4.25 inch booklet.


Our solution to be most effective…

OK, so true, but let’s work in those “limits”, and make some of our own rules. If you become familiar with the Pocket Field Guide, you will more and more realize how un-orthodox it is.


  1. Adding a refreshing sense of AWE. Hidden riddles, miscellany and Easter-eggs. Nice (possibly rare) are the times in life when you crack a silly smile. We share and operate as a business to GIVE this. Whether it’s our unique way of supporting or how we design gear. Sort of the business model. Otherwise we could just be silly idiots by ourselves.
  2. Almost every inch is covered with something. Space is overly maximized.
  3. “Range” of Topics covered. People live in the real world. True wilderness survival is more of an “off chance” scenario, we therefore included MOUNTAINS of information that we thought most applicable to REAL LIFE.
  4. Physical add-on features that supplement the user: A Fresnel lens that stores in the back cover. The design of these neat lenses is incredible. Recommend checking out this Wikipedia link for a read.
  5. Keep in interesting. Interesting quotes, ideas, and humor are woven throughout.
  6. Focus on MIND-SET. We tried to give a lot of “primer” into’s to effective topics, and ways to look at the world to better prepare ourselves. “Luck favors the well prepared” is true for a reason. Wherever you find yourself, is IN PART at least, a culmination of all your decisions up to the point of “NOW”.
  7. USABILITY. Procedures, Conversions, Formulas, Tips, Flow-chart, Measuring, Navigation, Expedients, Facts, Symbols, Communication (from non verbal, to Morse code), First aid, Knots, Edible plants, What poison ivy actual looks like, Thoughts on survival, Stories and much more.


Something you can reach for, or remember from when life has a question for you.

…Now that it seems over-hyped, remember it is not a masterpiece, rather a distillery of helpful ingredients. Your the cook. It’s basic, raw, artfully illustrated, thoughtfully composed, and for the price of a drive-thru Happy meal you can be content with such a small investment that’s good for your health too.

When you look at it through this lens, it makes perfect sense. For us it was just a matter of realizing how our brains function and then to apply it just like solving everything else. It’s so simple and just a matter of turning the perspective to a different vantage point.

  1. If what you want does not exist, find a way to make it exist.
  2. Actualize. Execute

Well that’s the simple formula. Other ingredients are peppered in along the way that make the difference: Staying on course. Figure out ways to get from A to B. A little whiskey. Applying your strengths. blah bl blah etc… So lets call #3: Persistence. out-last.

We hope you enjoy it. It was made as a way to offer our version of “as much help in the smallest form”, to like minded community members and all folks. So we could share something with others.

Pictured: Fresnel mini-magnifier lens (stored in the back cover)

The end take-away?

Here’s why you should have your’s.

"Useful . Because survival is problem solving.
Unique. Because you're tired of the usual

Unlike digital reception, this is always available to you. Piece of mind. Plus contents that are just good to know.

Over all the years, and thoughts, and problem solving solutions. All the preparedness efforts and planning we all do. Scenarios, “what-if’s” and on and on… The king of ALL survival is ADAPTABILITY.

The ability to adjust, based on your current surrounding, material gear, and mental/physical status.

Perfect for young adults or the recent grad leaving the nest…

The ACW Tiny Pocket Survival Guide is a must have for the outdoors types, or the indoors…

Stay safe in these days of the Corona virus. Use the time to connect with loved ones and enjoy the change in pace, from the normal “RAT-RACE” we have become so used to. It’s a good time NOT to panic, but be grateful. Think about how vulnerable we are by not being more self sufficient. Think about reaching out to others in need.


Discover more visuals at the Pocket Survival Guide page here

Visit our home on the web for the Survival guide, and our other unique preparedness gear like the “MAC-Gyver kit”. The ACW MAC-Gyver kit is our effort to embody everything above, like the Tiny Pocket Survival Guide, into a “kit” form. Not too small or big. But loaded with “POSSIBILITIES” for diverse life scenarios. Perfectly geared towards aiding the modern, or not-so-modern problem solving human.

Take me to your web home ACW (Rob & Tom)...

Comment on ways we can add or improve any gear please. It matters. Or just tell us a story.

Fill out our member survey here (it’s cool, and we will hook you up for if you order anything)

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Get Your Tiny Pocket Survival Guide Now (quantity discounts available)

“Luck favors the well prepared”

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Survival weekly: COVID-19 & Prep thoughts

By: JimCobb of Survival weekly

In the last few weeks, I’ve been contacted by numerous media types and entirely too many of them are looking for the “doomsday prepper” angle, which is frustrating. Very, very few preppers fall into that category and focusing attention on that sort of lifestyle isn’t helpful to the vast majority of people who are looking for information on how to prepare for emergencies. Even if a reader or viewer were wanting to explore that sort of extreme preparedness, it isn’t like they can do much about it right now. Let’s get through the current crisis first, y’know?
How are you folks holding up so far? What’s the world look like in your neck of the woods? Here in Wisconsin, our governor just issued our “lockdown” order, effective tomorrow (March 25) and running for four weeks. It is what I’d call a soft lockdown, at best. When you get right down to it, most white-collar jobs are shut down and most blue-collar jobs are still up and running. People are told to stay home unless they have a good reason to be out and about.
I would encourage all of you to follow the guidelines that have been communicated to us over the last several days. Maintain social distancing whenever possible, stay home unless absolutely necessary, and do everything you can to remain healthy. A few suggestions with that last bit:

  • Make sure you’re eating at least some healthy food every day. It is okay to indulge in junk food here and there, just balance it with the good stuff.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Be active every day. Do some exercise, go for a walk (which is perfectly fine, provided you maintain that social distancing aspect), do something that gets your pulse up for ab it.
  • Avoid sick people as best you can. I realize that isn’t always feasible or practical.
  • Wash your hands often, with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t truly wash them.

Our hike this past weekend was a visit to a park we’ve been to several times in the past. It is smallish and we will sometimes swing in there when we need to get a hike in but don’t have a lot of time to spend. They’ve been doing some work on it in spots and we’re eager to see the final result…whenever they get a chance to finish it off.

Survival Tip Tuesday – Is This Our “I Told You So” Moment?

For years, preppers and survivalists have been beating the readiness drum, telling folks to get prepared for emergencies and disasters. For much of that time, we were ridiculed, told we were overreacting, and that we were wasting our time and money on something that would never happen.
Then, it did happen. Whether you feel the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious, life-threatening issue or something that is being blown entirely out of proportion and is perhaps a smokescreen for something else, the fact is we all have to deal with what is happening. We’re all facing potential supply shortages, cuts in income due to jobs being shut down, and the risk of getting sick ourselves or having a family member fall ill.
So, does this mean it is time for the “told you so” dance? Well, sort of like cashing out your life savings to buy scratch-off lottery tickets, just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
Look, there are a lot of people who have suddenly jumped on the prepper bandwagon in the last few weeks. Lots of them have made and are still making bonehead mistakes. Guess what? That’s part of the learning process. Not one of you reading this were born with all of the knowledge, skills, and experience you possess today. Somebody, somewhere along the way, taught you, guided you, and helped you.
You have an opportunity to be that person for the next group of aspiring preppers and survivalists

If you decide you don’t want to take on that role, that’s fine, no worries. But, don’t muck up the works for the rest of us by denigrating, deriding, and generally making an ass of yourself by picking apart what you feel the new folks are screwing up.
We know going in that many, if not most, of the people who have recently joined us under the prepping umbrella aren’t going to stick around for the long run. Human nature is what it is. But, we have an opportunity here to make a genuinely positive impact on a large number of people. Take advantage of that and do what you can to help.
Leadership isn’t about being the best. It is about making everyone on the team better.

Knife & Gear Society

One of my favorite writers and instructors is Michael Janich. He is a recognized authority when it comes to self-defense, especially the use of knives. His Martial Blade Concepts school is a valuable resource. Michael has started doing a monthly column for the Knife & Gear Society webzine. This month’s installment is about Blood Loss and Stopping Power, two concepts that are woefully misunderstood. 

Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods Survival Guide

For those new to my little corner of the Internet, I am the Editor in Chief for both Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods Survival Guide magazines. These are quarterly print publications that are published by Centennial Media. Here are the covers for the current issues that are available in stores right now. 

You can find them just about anywhere magazines are sold, including:

  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Publix
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • CVS
  • Tractor Supply
  • Fleet Farm
  • Barnes & Noble

At this time, the staff at the publisher is working remotely, so we’re unable to order copies direct from them. 

Library at the End of the World Podcast

Do you enjoy end of the world books and movies?  Stuff like The Survivalist, The Road Warrior, Red Dawn, and Night of the Comet?  If so, you just might want to check out the Library at the End of the World podcast.  Hosted by yours truly, each week I interview an author, filmmaker, or someone else connected to the genre as well as chat about.  These aren’t live shows.  You can download any or all of them and listen to them at your leisure.  You can find all of the episodes of the podcast here.
 Questions, Comments, Complaints, Concerns?

I am always just an email away –  

-Thanks Jim for your continued expertise and tips!

Don’t forget to prep yourself with out “Tiny Pocket Survival Guide” . For the price of a happy meal you can have this gift that keeps giving… And for all our other Gear and offerings, pop in at our home –

” ACW tactical: Unique EDC kits & Gear for the modern problem solver”