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We are problem solvers at heart… Our Trade is designing, engineering, building.
OUR PROBLEM was frustration as to what was available, and disappointment with business as usual.
(fill disclosure:  all we do is find holes and better ways do do everything.  don’t watch movies with us)
OUR PASSION has been making great things and a difference in peoples lives (and a living trying to do so).

…so we took the giant leap into the abyss

Ready to slay the idiotic Dragon of thoughtless products, and service.  Authentic service, not to just offer it and say it, but to really connect purposefully with people.  Folks like us and others, who share a desire to think outside-the-box, who want extra capabilities, who appreciate thoughtfulness.  To aid friends, loved ones, strangers, themselves.


Listen, we just make a few stupid things, and books.  Whats special is giving a crap about people.


Wanted that fulfilling inspired feeling you wake up with. You know, like when you feel happiness, from another’s joy.  When you have meaning in what you do.  For sure applying creative problem solving with a new purpose was a real drive.  Money doesn’t give you that special place, so profits were and are not our focus.  Apparently we HATE profit which is a bummer for business financial success.  Hopefully down the road because money doesn’t make you happy bu-.. wait yes money does make you happy (in part anyways), but it is freedom in certain terms.

Anyone who wants to be our business manager, bless you.  Please contact us via email…

Sort of?  Well, we could write a book on how an entrepreneur, or anyone, can do what it takes from start to finish at this point, or sell it in a 2 page PDF and really cut the legs out from under the industry.  Because what all these “gurus” don’t normally do is simplify the real ingredients.  It is the persons hands completely.

[boring alert] so anyways… there are a lot of shocks and realities, especially since we are not business people.  Our oldest brother Dusty asked about our “books” one day.  We thought doing books was, well, no problem there. Making a book about our daily activities.  Drawings would be easy, and charts and formulas a cinch for Robby.  [said one brother to the other brothers]: “No Morons- like financial stuff”, viability, incoming and outgoing cash, taxes, profit margins, inventory  etc.

Here is a link if you are bored and need a break<


  • Support and Inspire preparedness and Autonomy by offering Unique Gear and resources because of a lack of well though out and creative products that are available today.
  • Sharing and integrating what we do into others lives
  • To grow and have a new damn purpose while we are still relatively young.
  • To have a great time doing it all!  Sharing curiosity, playfulness, insight, and capabilities.

We are not polished business men.  Not great salesmen.  Certainly not tech gurus…  What we do have are skills, ingenuity, creativity and an appreciation of quality and self reliance.  Modern times are more and more leaving behind our ability to use our greatest tools:  Our mind and body, to problem solve, to create with our hands, usefulness to others,  to be reverent and grateful.


One get’s tired of the run of the mill businesses with no real depth or craftsmanship or true care.  It’s a horrible profit model on it’s face as we said before, but we aren’t concerned.  How’s that you may ask?  Like everything else we do the focus is on originality and true care and quality.  It gives us a sincere purpose and that’s what gives meaning to life;  A finite amount of time to make it all worth while.  Example:  We sent an extra kit to someone who we gathered couldn’t afford  two but wanted one for his wife.  A small yet positive influence in one persons world.

We want to make a difference for ourselves, the EMT responder, the soldier, the kid going to college, the mom, the dad, that dude, outdoors folk, City Dwellers, Contractors, Adventuring folks and any one else.

Created in the USA with our skills & experience in problem solving, leadership, creative design & building, Military, custom fabrication, survival, and drive in making people happy.  The kits and products we offer have our philosophy in mind.  This functional and intuitive approach gives high versatility and effectiveness to our self made kits, and manuals, so it can be there when you need it.  For utility, convenience, piece of mind or survival.  We love what we do, and so will you.  Leave us your reviews, feedback, opinions and stories, but mostly enjoy. Once on board, you can re-supply at our awesome prices with free shipping, and real great support.  We’ve got your six.

bla bla etc etc…

 Just small town country kids

Our “Mac-Gyver kit” was the first real brainchild we came out with as a real effort to share our ideas.  Since we were kids we have been into fixing things, creating stuff and outdoor survival.  Growing up in northern NY state and lake Ontario region we always thought it was cool to be a few miles from Canada.  Even some of our handful of T.V.  antennae channels at the lake house were from our Canadian buds across the lake.  Now we are older and trying to make an attempt at sharing our passion and creating a successful service doing so.  Along with long time family and friends like Noah, Nic and Chris Culpepper.

We remember finding one of Les Stroud’s  books ( Cortland state library ? not sure where) long before the Survivor man show was even out,  we totally appreciate his approach and style over the years.  As kids we tinkered with our hands and learned trades and tricks.  We remember Our Armenian Grandfather and Great grandfather as these super Ultra geniuses.  They were inventors and Artisans.  H.B. Azadian held numerous US patents and was friendly with Entrepreneurs and Presidents 100 years ago after the turn of the century.  A Real renaissance men.  Although they did so much for their community, family and in business, they gained little to pass along in terms of money to later generations.  Mostly due to their giving and humble nature.  Or maybe they just spent it all, who knows.

rob and tom cargen field pic

Our idea of the ultimate vacation as kids and adults was to be stranded in a survival situation with a bag of our goodies for a few weeks or months.

2015.  ACW (Azadian Custom Works ) Tactical Brand is started…

Our mission:

To build a meaningful company based on a mutually beneficial relationship;  The more we are supported via members and patrons, the more we can continue to support and create offerings.  A philosophy of being genuine & creative in our approach,  and offering quality and the best service we can think of,  actually above all we are passionate about helping others.   Just like you we are tired of all the cruddy or thoughtless stuff available… We design & build Because of passion & necessity.  We have become known for going the distance in customer satisfaction and quality.

OK enough bla bla bla yet?

Products we offer:

           The kits and booklets / literature are meant to be an everyday usable resource, and a distillation of what we think of as self reliance and resources. So instead of collecting dust somewhere,  our “MacGyver Kit” is a usable utility EDC kit.  It hangs out in your dwelling, office, r.v., backpack etc.

Not the same ol regurgitated products.

 We wanted something that people could use everyday as a utility and convenience that was easily re-supplied, yet could shine as a versatile survival kit that offered real options for a wide range of situations as possible while still being relatively small.  We designed the bag to be easily indexed visually to reduce mind clutter and time to retrieve items.

Our design theory:

 Versatility + effectiveness = many end-user mission specific / general purpose uses.  Snag an empty one and put what you want in it.

Our survivability Formula:

Your RESOURCES ( ie, Gear/tools, support). + ADAPTABILITY to conditions ( ie, skills, knowledge, mindset).  = your factor (resilience & longevity)

R + A = X


ACW Tactical U.S.A. , Designed and Built in America by people who have been there.

Your support makes everything possible for us to offer what we do, like a mutually beneficial thing.  Cheers and Thanks!



With Our pool of teammates and knowledge, we can apply solutions and ideas to any business or project with the ACW think tank.  Inquire more @ ACWtactical@gmail.com

offering a completely unique approach to individuals and companies…

Interested in  our services in consulting ? we would be glad to share better strategies and ideas that would benefit your company or project.   E-mail us at: Acwtactical@gmail.com  ATT: Problem solvers.

The way we problem solve and see things Guarantees a positive influence