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ACW “MacGyver pack” as your Tactical medicine pack

ACWtactical to be part of the Medicine in in Bad places Expo for tactical medicine

Will be an Exciting event where we can showcase our Macgyver pack as an EMT/ Medical pack, one of it’s many adaptations…

Check Video here or on their website

“Train on how things are..not how you wish they would be..”

Definitely check our friends at Medicine in bad places out.

Are you prepared?  Having a ready kit can be your lifeline when you need it, or a great convenience for every day life.

ACW tactical  is fairly new to the scene, in our short time there has been growing interest in our gear as a Medical / first aid platform.

We design and create Gear and resources for our team, members and community at large.  The lack of well thought out and innovative products, and an always lacking ” customer service”  abilities is why we formed.   We got your six!

Our first, and now re-worked version of the ACW “MacGyver” pack has many faces, as it was intended to have when designed:   From a bug-out pack, EDC kit, hiking, travel companion, and as a medical pack ( yo name a few).   Small and easily worn or stowed it offers effective storage and deployment for many end user applications.

Pictured here: Outdoor, recreational & Job-site

Here below :  EMT medical / first responder kit

Survival, camping, Preparedness and “Bug out”:  Pack shown below in the form of our Fully loaded “MacGyver Kit” the any scenario utility and survival kit

Email us for group discounts for outfitting your team of individuals.

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“luck favors the well prepared”

Remember all of our members get lifetime free shipping:  “acw free ship”

For discounted prices because we cant stand making a profit, go to:

ACW team


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