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By TomDHall  on December 31, 2016
ACW ” Core Survival” Kit| Verified Purchase
“I just recently ordered the empty version of this bag. Wow! its better then the pictures show it to be. Very well made, I will load my own gear and items in it. I even got a personal thank you note from the packers from the company. I also sent some comments about the bag to the company. I got a great customer service reply back. Great product, great company and one that seems to care about what their customers want and needs are. Get ur bag now! You wont be dissapointed!”
on March 18, 2017
Item Shape: Fully loaded “Macgyver” kit|Size: Fully Loaded|Verified Purchase
This complete kit is absolutely phenomenal. The contents of this kit are well thought out and I love the booklet it comes with. I would never think to use a golf tee as a trigger to catch fish. It is very rare I am so impressed with a product and I’m glad I stumbled upon it while browsing Amazon. I’ll be purchasing more in the future. This fits well inside my EDC bag and I plan on getting one for both my GHB and my BOB.

By NewMember April 8th, 2017

I was researching materials for me and my family’s bug out bag. I pretty much had it all together but I felt like I was missing something. I really wanted something I could grab if the bag was unavailable.

I found a thread on by “CapnMcD” asking if anybody bought one. He said it was one of the coolest, most thought out kits he’s found. He referenced particularly the included reference guide.

After reading his thread, I googled “ACW Tactical” and found your site. Damn you though, because instead of sleeping, I spent more than an hour on your site trying to figure out what was right for me. I compared the MacGyver kit to many others and decided yours fit my situation the best.

Kudos guys. Fucking phenomenal job on everything. Like I said, I really can’t wait to get this. Also, I know it wasn’t necessary, but thank you so much for throwing in some goodies. I promise I’ll spread the word as best I can about y’all. This was my missing piece.

Sorry for the long response, but I wanted y’all to know what led me to your product. I figure small businesses care about that sort of thing.

Best Wishes,


ACW Member, July 2017

Hey guys,
I’m a firefighter/EMT and I plan on putting the kit in my day bag and taking it with me when I go hiking/mountain biking. I will leave it up to your experience and knowledge. This email was a pleasant surprise and you guys are doing right by your company. You have earned a customer for life and I hope I’m able to talk others into looking into and buying products from you guys in the future.