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The ACW  “MacGyver Bag”

Top rated and Selling Do it all kit.  Focus here is on: Versatility, Options, In a pinch Scenarios, Daily Utility, Survival.

An outstanding unique kit, and our Brand leader.   The Ultimate “EDC” kit.  perfect for the Hard core or creative “prepared” person who likes to have a fix or a plan, or as a gift for someone who has seen it all, or hard to buy for.

It is Loaded!

The ACW  “Compact Field Reference Guide & Manual”

Highly Unique and no frills Manual.  small ( 4.25” wide by 5.5” tall).

What we have created here is a useful information resource that is in many ways the Opposite of other survival books:  it’s  portable, cheap, info filled, interesting, and light enough and small enough to not even notice!  It goes anywhere ( or have a few in different places).  Very basic with many of our own illustration, scenario fixes, riggings, and cool knowledge that will add to your brain power for every day life, Survival, emergency situations or Trivial Pursuit.

♦  Available in water proof paper,  and now with an updated cover ( July 2016)

♥  A fine addition to your home, kit, vehicle, loved ones gift, stocking stuffer’ etc,.

ACW Tactical USA T-shirts now available to all

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