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For Responders, EMT folk, and operators

The ACW “Macgyver bag”.  What is it and why it was created by us.

Well like a lot of people, we were frustrated at the lack of options of functional gear on the market that actually is well thought out.

We combine creativity with logic, so once the idea was born, it really just took some intuitive basic designs to make it happen.  Yeah, it’s just a bag, but.. sometimes the little things just matter a lot.

Focus was to think what was most functional and optimized for a variety of scenarios and uses.  Then based on a multitude of possible items any tactical, or function bag COULD have inside, to create a layout to best hold, and equally as important, reduce clutter.  By clutter reduction i mean to be able to quickly remember or actually see what you have by visually being able to index what you have inside.

Obviously this reduces mind clutter, time spend on non essential tasks, less wasted energy, and mission specific loading.  All this equals a plus to your personal and professional life.   Once loaded it’s ready and waiting for use.

Recently more and more interest is catching on as to the possibility of using the bag as a drop leg type setup for first responder and other professional uses.  In fact this was one of the intended reasons it was built by us among others.

Give us feedback and any opinions.  We aim to improvise, serve and support our members and community.


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