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 Emergency Medicine Kits & Pics

ACW in the field & User’s Videos

JoeyCoffeeAddict review on the basic empty “MacGyver” pack

Skills2survive review:  UN-boxing & Review video

ACW in the field:  “Macgyvering” and tinkering with ideas on ideas to warm and dry in wet winter scenarios (jan 2018).

ACW in the shop:  Creating items for kits.  Spooling braided line bobbins for survival and utility kits.

ACW Compact Reference & Field Manual:  FM 101.16c

2018 Tactical Medicine Expo;  ACW Tactical and other participants.

Honor to meet Staff Sergeant Albert Mampre, last surviving member of 2/506 Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) 101st Airborne Currahie (Easy Company “Band of Brothers”)

ACW Packs/Gear Field Pics