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Macgyver pack ( generation II ) by ACW. Our original pack just got bad-ass…

We care about being the best at what we do, serving our members and a drive to creative problem solve.   Above and beyond the standard with customer/member support sounds like a good place to be.  It’s what many people claim but in reality the bottom dollar & hollow promises seem to rule.

We have taken a completely opposite approach:

Apply creative problem solving & logic + provide service & support like we all wish for = Purpose & satisfaction.  Let everything else fall where it may

Our newest gear says it well:

The ACW Tactical USA “MacGyver Pack”  ( GEN II available now ) + the ACW  ” Satellite pouch” ( available soon ).  Modular multi purpose gear


Pictured Above-  MacGyver Pack with sample patches ( for optional initialing / customizing )

What is the MacGyver Pack?   It is our version of a small / medium size utility pack ( approx 8” tall ), designed to be used for multiple scenarios or purposes depending on the end users requirements.  By far the most well thought out gear of it’s type.  With interior fold-out modular wings for ease of visually indexing small items and optimal organization.  Again designed and produced by us just because there was nothing like it available.  Uses have included:  EMT first responders type applications ( drop leg set – up and vehicle resource kits like our friends at Medicine in bad places ), medics, operators, contractors, moms, dads, students, travelers, prepers, handymen & women, EDC, professionals, camper, R.V. and vehicle base kits, law enforcement, disaster relief personnel, and bug-out kits to name a few.

And the MacGyver Kit ?   The kit is all of the items & contents we offer that make up what we call a fully loaded Macgyver kit.  In other words the Mac Kit uses the same Mac pack, but is loaded with tons of multi use survival, utility and real world useful items, a daily resource and survival kit with options!

You can order just the contents without the pack itself with our custom kit builder, or just wander through all of our items and buy what you need.

New Features include:

  • Two removable ” Multi straps” ( 18” x 1” webbing with Velcro backing ) Great versatility for anything you may think of

– Great for securing gear, tie – downs, cord / wire management, carrying handle configurations ( top, side, bottom ), Leg tie-downs for drop leg

configurations, expedient belt loops for hanging gear off of riggings / belts, or any user created applications.  Just another layer of options we

thought would be useful.

  • Volume:  Slightly larger overall pack size ( but not too much )
  • More mounting options ( side and bottom webbing tracks for MOLLE or whatever you conjure up), allowing for attachment of out Satellite pouches or “Sat pouches” on 5 different points of the pack. use one or all 5 for extreme load-outs to enhance your pack/kit and or for quick detachable mission specific Sat pouch load – outs.  Mind set here was to allow the end user to quickly remove a Sat module if the entire pack was not needed.  We have designed our own MOLLE quick release system complete with lanyards so nothing gets lost along the way.  An individual Sat pouch can be removed in just a couple seconds!  
  • “D” rings on corners and back, and strap fasteners
  • Easily open:  Improved strap “pull tabs” for ease of use
  • Interior adjustments to accommodate items more effectively
  • Colors:  Now available in Black, and Green both.  Other colors will become available in the near future…

We will be working more closely in the future with a great Veteran owner company “Superesse”, so keep an eye out for some collaboration efforts


Shown above in all black by popular demand…

The “MacGyver” packs ( empty , or loaded with MacGyver kit ) are available at this link:   New Gen II Mac pack 

The price will be kept low for a short time, and those of us who emailed interest will be sent a link to purchase your own packs at the old pack price like we promised…

The Sat pouches will be available in a few weeks, we are very excited to start offering these. 

Below is a preview of the Sat pouch as intended to be used with our Mac pack.

These also will be available in Green and Black.

Note:  We built the pouches to attach to the sides with a special front tab that locks into the Sat pouch buckle ring ( left or right depending ).  This means to access the main pack interior, one needs only to undo this tab latch and the pouch will fold back ( whilst still attached with it’s MOLLE shank ) so that the zipper can be operated on the main Mac pack.  Like we all know, versatility rules!!

Below is our design Rendering that gives another simplified view of the entire modular set-up for the Mac’s and Sat’s


Thank you all for the continued support, and letting us support our community !

Also,  The latest greatest version of our compact field guide and reference manual is out soon,  cheap good stuff, not the standard regurgitated same ol same ol….

Comment and follow us on the site or Stupid Book:            FaceBook


The ACW team

” The best way to get something done is to do something to get it done”
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