Tiny survival guide ACW

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The ACW Compact Reference & Field Manual (FM 16-101.4c) 

AKA: the “Tiny Pocket Survival Guide”

Probably the coolest compact booklet within one light year.  Made and designed exclusively  here at ACW. 

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Great for all walks of life. Goodness filled. The gift of preparedness, at a low cost

Available also with a super compact “Fresnel lens” attached to the back cover.  Great for reading, magnifying & fire-starting.

76 pages & small’ish  ( 4.25” x 5.5” )

Super compact, unique and interesting.  Small,  light, with variety and basics.  Not your standard regurgitated Survival or Reference booklet, this one keeps it Useful and simple and adds many every day “usable” info facts and hacks.  Low-cost and effective.  Makes Great gift items and  grab a few for yourself too.

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The most unique everyday life field guide on the planet earth.

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Weight .17 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .125 in
Tiny survival guide

Book only, Book w/ lenses, 2 Books, 2 Books w/lenses, 5 Books, 5 Books w/lenses, 10 Books, 10 Books w/lenses

7 reviews for Tiny survival guide ACW

  1. Henry (verified owner)

    So different and useful. Great little booklet, people need to know about this and the great service at ACW!

  2. Jimmie F. (verified owner)

    Packed full of tips and tricks. Goes great with the kit or alone to make your own kit ideas easier.

  3. Nate Nelson (verified owner)

    Not only is the reference guide amazing but they threw in a free mask and coozie. Received everything in only a couple of days. This guide really comes in handy.

  4. Gregory Podoliak (verified owner)

  5. Bobby Bruning

    Great such a handy little book, has so much info for everyday real world stuff. Love the charts conversions and the formulas section no other survival guide has this kind of much needed information . Fits right in your shirt pocket , i have one in each vehicle and one in every one of my bug out or bug in kits . Priceless

  6. Allison C. (verified owner)

    A very compact, useful and essential item for everyone!

  7. Scott Shamblin (verified owner)

    A handy pocket guide for everyone who loves the outdoors. Packed with tips & reminder skills to solve unexpected issues. Fresnel magnifying lens on the back helps when reading on this compact book. Don’t get lost without one.

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