Read more ACW Fm-104 field manual

…our knowledge, experience and ideas, along with other sources of reference and condensed it for you into a booklet of useful information, guides, and survival/utility basics.  Inside you will find in depth usage of our kit & common items,  information and detailed renderings, pictures along with tricks, tips, facts, charts, and much more.

An all around great read and addition to any kit, or collection. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or place of choice for convenient portability.  The book is unique in design as it focuses on state of mind, priorities and highlights not only survive-ability but general areas of basic knowledge that is useful in every day applications.  A unique blend of information, the book is like our other creations:   unique in its design, versatility, well thought-out, creative, to the point and interesting.   An inexpensive yet fantastic gift for you or someone else.

Compact reference manual for our ACW bag / kit (Illustrated) 56 pg designed and created by us. This handy little booklet is chocked full of information on survival, general everyday scenarios with tips and tricks on how to use your Every Day Carry (aka EDC) Kit and items.  Custom tailored to our items and the most common ones many people may carry. Although it is designed around our items, this booklet is a super addition to any backpack, kit, car glove box, briefcase or any other. Book includes Information on shelter & fire building, formulas, expedients, conversions, navigation, signaling, safety & first Aid, radio frequencies, Morse code, jump starting a vehicle, edible foods, knots, just to name a few. Grab yourself a few of these for all you different packs and needs. Also makes a great gift for friends and family.Measures only 4.25″ x 5.5″ and comes in a heavy duty water resistant bag.  For the hard core rugged folks we offer a completely waterproof rip proof version for extreme conditions.

Question:  ” why do i need this book? ..i already have 3 survival books..”

answer:  you don’t.  You also probably don’t need many things you have, its more of an enhancer than a need, although in certain situations it could definitely prove itself as a “need”.   it’s just a really cool little addition to just have or add to your load-out.    If you are not interested in great info and tips, we recommend you not buy.

– perfect for the everyday Joe,  information geek, survivalists, wife, husband, significant other, college student, stocking suffer, and more.  or  that hard to buy for person.  if you want different and cool, grab it !

question: ” i never know what card to pair flowers or gifts with for my loved ones, or what to buy for those ” hard to buy for people”??? ”

Answer:  huh?.. Anyways, i would say throw in this mini manual on top of whatever else.  it could be cheaper than your hallmark card and a million times more interesting and useful.  Besides, nothing says i love you like a book about safety, knowledge, and unique tricks.  ( an outstanding stocking stuffer ).

The booklet is an amazing resource of information and common knowledge that can enrich your memory banks.  most survival books on the market are bigger and heavier than your actual kit.  who needs to carry an extra pound or two ?  our mini booklet is functional, interesting, raw, and lightweight.