Sat (satellite) Pouch: “Scouts Pouch” (boy or girl)

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“SCOUT’S POUCH” (boy & girl):

  • ACW “SAT” Pouch ™ (satellite) pouch
  • Compact MOLLE pouch EDC, IFAK, Additional items storage module, Versatile size
  • Attach 2 of these to your ACW Mac (Mac-Gyver) packs for added mission capability and extended resources
  • All about options. Modules for “ACW system”, When used with larger packs or ACW gear: Pop them off for lighter travel uses with only the contents you need. multiple end user stand-alone use

ACW “SAT” Pouch ™ :

Sat (satellite) pouch:  Compact quick release modules for stand-alone use or “MAC” pack add-on storage. Grab-n-go capability with “ACW ®speed release system ”  [ Dimensions: 4.25” wide x 7.25” long x 1.5” thick (empty)]

Designed and made exclusively by us, here at ACW.   The “Sat” pouches are our answer to a smaller EDC module ( IFAK type size) and the latest compliment to our multi-purpose EDC “Mac” and “Mac-Gyver” packs.  Attach 2 of these to your Mac packs for added mission capability and extended resources.  As a bonus, pop them off for lighter travel uses with only the contents you need.  Perfect for a gran-n-go option, adding medical/trauma gear, day hike essentials when the entire Mac-Gyver pack is not needed or whatever your fancy may be.  It is MOLLE compatible and has belt or strap options for stand alone uses.

Features our quick release system for fast removal (complete with mini cord dummy line for no losses).  As designed, the front Velcro Mac pack tabs are received by the Sat side loops ( left or right depending on your mounting choice).  Release these for access to the main Mac pack whilst still keeping the Sat pouch attached via the rear quick release MOLLE shank.

CLICK IMAGE for Demo Video of Mac and Sat pouches used together

Scout Pouch Contents:

“SCOUT’S POUCH” (boy & girl) CONTENTS: -Mini firestarting rod – custom made utility ACW container ( razor, mini chem light,sewing thread, needles, hooks [2-3 pcs], fire tabs, p 38 opener, finish nails,paper clip sinkers,bobbin, cork) – Survival whistle – LED mini light – mini compass – 25′ mini paracord – water purification tabs – ACW signal mirror – balloon – filter cone/paper – mini Fresnel lens – hot glue – duct tape – pencil – snare wire – paper – wax paper cone – mini playing cards


*check out our 5 star rated, unique and informative “Compact Reference & Field Manual” to compliment this and other kits.  It’s small, cool, and filled with useful info.

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