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Why wouldn’t you? If your OK with being dependent on others than no.  For a hard to buy for person?  Those who want security and resources?  Outdoors lovers and concerned loved ones?  Hardcore readiness folk?  we got your six.

The fact is, with an ACW kit, you are better off any way you look at it.

 Jack of Trades, contractor, Handyman, Super Moms & do it all dudes, Military.  Not only invaluable  for emergency security,  it offers the added ability beyond other survival survival products:  it has  functional use in many day to day utility and convenience needs.  As the founders and designers, we use our “MacGyver” kits often and have proven its usefulness.

” Better to be fluid and prepared to cope, rather than avoid inconvenience.  It always finds you “

Make a dedicated Emergency kit, Medical Kit, Travel Kit, Buy an Empty kit ( the bag alone is Mega Cool), A Make-up Kit, Survival/Camping kit, Gift one to the Children leaving the nest ( why not worry less), anything you imagine can be Kit Friendly.  Band-aid only kit? (why not), Weapons/pistol carrying bag, the possibilities are endless.  Use your own goodies or choose from our extensive inventory.  Makes an amazing Gift for the do it all person in the form of our MacGyver” fully loaded maximum versatility Utility/Survival bag.

What do We Offer?

 We both use & test what we offer and Create.

Particular about what you need?  Gift?  building your own bag or kit already?

And the option to build your own?  Yep.  Designed and put together by us, for you.

choose as little or as much as you want and that’s it.

Check out Our Customize-able kit builder +  Outstanding Ready made kits & gear & Items

» My custom kit builder :  “Simple mode” «

» well thought out “ready made kits & Gear” , Kit items, mini kits, cordage & more can be seen here «

Why us?

 Support done right.  life can be crappy enough.  Not here…

We Are good at what we do, and making lives better.  Highly rated, motivated & purchases are secure.  Be part of our team and never pay shipping on future purchases ( U.S.A only) !!And a no B.S. policy to be admired

Value… An effective cost of investment.

We work hard to build and create a cost effective product.  Buying the items individually at common retail prices will will cost you a ton  more in time, energy and money.