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Survival and thriving in life, not just the wilderness

Sometimes we all forget the basics.  Sometimes the basics are what makes us an asset to ourselves, our family, teammates, our society.

As time progresses on, we loose our hands and minds as tools to manipulate our surroundings to make, craft and teach ourselves and others.  It builds confidence and character, not to mention it is highly useful.   Knowing how to fix something or make a thing work, depends on a deeper understanding of function, At least at a higher level.


Michelangelo was a great painter.  But what many do not know is that he was first and foremost  an even greater sculptor.  < wait a second>.. ok.  I will say what some of you are thinking;  the ability to visualize what can be seen in front of you, and even its function, helps to understand what it is, and how we need or wish to interact with it.  A painter who understands the depth of his subject matter can therefore render it with more understanding and skill.   How shadows and light interact with curves and reflections, muscle and skeletal makeup so on and so forth.  Understanding that is a pretty big deal and can be applied everywhere in life.

Learning trades and skills of self sufficiency, help people understand how to look at things, creative problem solve, and give confidence.  It exercises the mind like any other muscle, and we loose this ability more and more as we become dependent on doing things the easiest way, or avoiding them all together.  Hacks and Apps are cool but they also detach us from abilities that make us satisfied and grow.

You don’t need to be a master carpenter to fix something.  All of us are capable.  Mental mindset and curiosity are all you need.

All of us should serve ourselves and others to be great.

It’s fun for us to create and offer what we do.   More than just kits and gear,  It’s resources in the form of items and information.  Every day surviving and thriving can be Jump starting someones vehicle,  tying a knot in your kids tree swing, or knowing how to read the environment and having situational awareness.  Keep some childhood curiosity alive and go do and figure some stuff out.  Whatever floats yer boat.

Judge books by the cover too.  why the heck wouldn’t you?  don’t make up you mind just on looks of coarse but stay fluid to evolve in any situation.  That will be your lil buddy and helper if it’s one of your main ingredients.

Next time you Change a tire, or make dough ( i spelled it Doe from scratch,  pull in a youngster you know and throw some knowledge, and wonder at them.  changing a tire with a young man changes more than a tire.

Also Dogs are better than Cats,


Appreciate any input on future kits and content!

Here is some info from our Compact field manual and reference guide:

Jumping a car and place setting for eating


Using the Macgyver kit to hack into USB charger that’s broken




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