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New Field Manuals! STOP / delete, …if you like thoughtless and boring stuff.

Don’t read this or patronize us.


unless your not into the boring “same ol same ol”…

Get yours here now while they are in stock


Probably the coolest compact booklet within one light year.  Made and designed exclusively  here at ACW. 

-More outside the box thinking & problem solving-

A creative distillation of knowledge experience and research, designed to be brief and useful for the self sufficient minded individual.

Purpose built as an informative resource covering things that are just good (and interesting) to know.   A unique compilation to support  young adventurers and adults alike.  Emergency, Normal real life &survival, mind set, quotes, conversions, medical, etiquette, hacks and more!

Great for all walks of life.  Builds character.  It’s Goodness, different & cheap!

⇒View short Field Demo of Manual⇐

70 pages & small’ish  ( 4.25” x 5.5” )

Super compact, unique and interesting.  Small,  light, with variety and basics.  Not your standard regurgitated Survival or Reference booklet, this one keeps it Useful and simple and adds many every day “usable” info facts and hacks.  Low-cost and effective.  Makes Great gift items and  grab a few for yourself too.



*Available also with a super compact “Fresnel lens” attached to the back cover.  Great for reading, magnifier & fire-starting.

To see more, or order visit the ACW Compact Reference & Field Manual page


The ACW team

“Luck favors the well prepped”


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Survival and thriving in life, not just the wilderness

Sometimes we all forget the basics.  Sometimes the basics are what makes us an asset to ourselves, our family, teammates, our society.

As time progresses on, we loose our hands and minds as tools to manipulate our surroundings to make, craft and teach ourselves and others.  It builds confidence and character, not to mention it is highly useful.   Knowing how to fix something or make a thing work, depends on a deeper understanding of function, At least at a higher level. Continue reading Survival and thriving in life, not just the wilderness