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Tiny Pocket Survival Guide

Tiny acw survival guide fresnel acw

A True Actual Life & Survival Guide

MADE IN THE USA. We design, illustrate and create it all here. The “ACW Compact Reference and Field Manual” (Pocket survival guide) <that’s a link right there to an in depth visual page> Is unlike other booklets out there. From a couple of curious kids long ago in the north country, to now as big (still curious) kids, we have distilled years of research and problem solving into something that’s Tiny, and packed full of useful real world and survival content.  It looks different, because it is. Sometimes you just need to create what you dream, in order to have it.

How to solve the problem of creating a “most useful field guide”?

For us it just made sense to first identify it as a problem, then creatively solve that problem.

The constraints…

Keeping it small, mass matters. Keeping it effective. Make it practical & useful for all ages. Create something different. Have it a useful guide for Daily things, and emergency.

“Edibles that are good & plants to avoid. Most people can not correctly identify poison ivy / oak or sumac. Find these two and 70 more pages in this Tiny 5.5 inch by 4.25 inch booklet.


Our solution to be most effective…

OK, so true, but let’s work in those “limits”, and make some of our own rules. If you become familiar with the Pocket Field Guide, you will more and more realize how un-orthodox it is.


  1. Adding a refreshing sense of AWE. Hidden riddles, miscellany and Easter-eggs. Nice (possibly rare) are the times in life when you crack a silly smile. We share and operate as a business to GIVE this. Whether it’s our unique way of supporting or how we design gear. Sort of the business model. Otherwise we could just be silly idiots by ourselves.
  2. Almost every inch is covered with something. Space is overly maximized.
  3. “Range” of Topics covered. People live in the real world. True wilderness survival is more of an “off chance” scenario, we therefore included MOUNTAINS of information that we thought most applicable to REAL LIFE.
  4. Physical add-on features that supplement the user: A Fresnel lens that stores in the back cover. The design of these neat lenses is incredible. Recommend checking out this Wikipedia link for a read.
  5. Keep in interesting. Interesting quotes, ideas, and humor are woven throughout.
  6. Focus on MIND-SET. We tried to give a lot of “primer” into’s to effective topics, and ways to look at the world to better prepare ourselves. “Luck favors the well prepared” is true for a reason. Wherever you find yourself, is IN PART at least, a culmination of all your decisions up to the point of “NOW”.
  7. USABILITY. Procedures, Conversions, Formulas, Tips, Flow-chart, Measuring, Navigation, Expedients, Facts, Symbols, Communication (from non verbal, to Morse code), First aid, Knots, Edible plants, What poison ivy actual looks like, Thoughts on survival, Stories and much more.


Something you can reach for, or remember from when life has a question for you.

…Now that it seems over-hyped, remember it is not a masterpiece, rather a distillery of helpful ingredients. Your the cook. It’s basic, raw, artfully illustrated, thoughtfully composed, and for the price of a drive-thru Happy meal you can be content with such a small investment that’s good for your health too.

When you look at it through this lens, it makes perfect sense. For us it was just a matter of realizing how our brains function and then to apply it just like solving everything else. It’s so simple and just a matter of turning the perspective to a different vantage point.

  1. If what you want does not exist, find a way to make it exist.
  2. Actualize. Execute

Well that’s the simple formula. Other ingredients are peppered in along the way that make the difference: Staying on course. Figure out ways to get from A to B. A little whiskey. Applying your strengths. blah bl blah etc… So lets call #3: Persistence. out-last.

We hope you enjoy it. It was made as a way to offer our version of “as much help in the smallest form”, to like minded community members and all folks. So we could share something with others.

Pictured: Fresnel mini-magnifier lens (stored in the back cover)

The end take-away?

Here’s why you should have your’s.

"Useful . Because survival is problem solving.
Unique. Because you're tired of the usual

Unlike digital reception, this is always available to you. Piece of mind. Plus contents that are just good to know.

Over all the years, and thoughts, and problem solving solutions. All the preparedness efforts and planning we all do. Scenarios, “what-if’s” and on and on… The king of ALL survival is ADAPTABILITY.

The ability to adjust, based on your current surrounding, material gear, and mental/physical status.

Perfect for young adults or the recent grad leaving the nest…

The ACW Tiny Pocket Survival Guide is a must have for the outdoors types, or the indoors…

Stay safe in these days of the Corona virus. Use the time to connect with loved ones and enjoy the change in pace, from the normal “RAT-RACE” we have become so used to. It’s a good time NOT to panic, but be grateful. Think about how vulnerable we are by not being more self sufficient. Think about reaching out to others in need.


Discover more visuals at the Pocket Survival Guide page here

Visit our home on the web for the Survival guide, and our other unique preparedness gear like the “MAC-Gyver kit”. The ACW MAC-Gyver kit is our effort to embody everything above, like the Tiny Pocket Survival Guide, into a “kit” form. Not too small or big. But loaded with “POSSIBILITIES” for diverse life scenarios. Perfectly geared towards aiding the modern, or not-so-modern problem solving human.

Take me to your web home ACW (Rob & Tom)...

Comment on ways we can add or improve any gear please. It matters. Or just tell us a story.

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“Luck favors the well prepared”

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“ACW Satellite pouches” (Sat pouches) are ready

Well, you won’t find this anywhere else…More ACW Designed and Made Gear.

Introducing our latest creation:  The ACW “SAT” Pouch ™

Compact quick release modules for stand-alone use or as “MAC” pack add-on storage. Grab-n-go capability with “ACW ®speed release system ”  [ Dimensions: 4.25” wide x 7.25” long x 1.5” thick (empty)]

Designed and made exclusively by us, here at ACW.   The “Sat” pouches are our answer to a smaller EDC module ( IFAK type size) and the latest compliment to our multi-purpose EDC “Mac” and “Mac-Gyver” packs.

Comfortably Attach 2 of these to your Mac packs on the left and right sides, for added mission capability and extended resources.

As a bonus feature, pop them off for lighter travel uses with only the contents you need.  Perfect for a grab-n-go option, adding medical/trauma gear, day hike essentials when the entire Mac-Gyver pack is not needed or whatever your fancy may be.  It is MOLLE compatible and has belt or strap options for a variety of uses.

Quickly detach a Sat pouch module and toss it to your friend, or drop it on a casualty care scene if needed.

shown below are the dummy safety cords with the MOLLE shanks.

Features our quick release system for fast removal (complete with mini cord dummy line for no losses).  As designed, the front Velcro tabs on our Mac-Gyver pack are received by the Sat side Belt loops ( left or right depending on your mounting choice).  Release these for access to the main Mac pack whilst still keeping the Sat pouch attached via the rear quick release MOLLE shank.

The Sat’s are small enough to attach to your standard gear, almost any belt due to the wide belt loops, or hung from gear with your choice of hooks using the Sat’s “D” rings on the top.  They are also large enough to fit a good amount of items, standard magazines, mobile devices, tourniquets etc.

Shown here in black

Possible load-out configurations, and what we use in our vehicles:   Mac-Gyver fully loaded pack, flanked by one Medical Trauma Sat, and on the other flank, a basic EDC Sat with essentials for day to day conveniences ( portable device charger, cord, batteries, knife, head lamp, ear plugs tape, etc).

Other team members use various configurations, for example: A custom loaded Mac pack (empty Mac-Gyver pack) with a mix of survival, EDC, and medical items, and have flanking Sat module pouches with various items tailored to the end user needs, sometimes an empty Sat pouch that can be loaded on site with items from the main Mac pack, for a mission specific use ( day hike, job site needs), where the heavier pack is not needed.

So who & what are the ACW “Sat” poiuches designed or meant for?

  • Anywhere you would use a small pouch essentially (similar size to the Military IFAK family of gear).
  • Personal or professional use
  • For a lightweight travel companion, or add-on to your existing packs and gear
  • Use as a smaller version of some of your larger kits or packs
  • For those who want to upgrade the ACW “Mac-Gyver” pack with additional storage
  • For contractors, a car kit, camping gear, Bot or Girl scout personal survival kit etc.

To see the Sat pouch product page, click here

Below diagram showing different set-ups using the Mac and Sat modules with our “Multi straps”.   2 Multi straps are standard with all new Mac packs, and are a versatile and useful feature for a multitude of uses.

This winter during a camping trip, the Multi straps were a life saver for just lashing extra gear to our main back packs, or when we needed things held around the camp site.

Check the pictures under the Sat and Mac pouch product pages for a better view of the below diagram.

(for your custom Illustrated and designed literature, contact us:

Also more exciting news, our latest greatest Compact field manual is almost ready to launch off!

Below is a little pre-press preview of the coolest little booklet in the galaxy.

the ACW compact reference & field manual, another one of a kind resource like no other.

Releasing her very very soon…

Send us your stories and ideas to be featured by us.  send us a story where you used our gear, with pictures, and we will replace any used items for free!

Remember all of our members get Free delivery for life after your first purchase!

Use promo code:     sat discount    for 25% off this pouch, for a limited time, and as a thank you for helping to support us, supporting you!

“Luck favors the well prepared”


The ACW Team

Rob, Nic, Chris, Noah & Tom

E-mail us proof that you have reviewed us on Amazon or gave us 5 followers on Instagram for an additional 10% discount on your purchases

or just do it to help the cause.

Featured Product by our friends at Superesse straps:

Morale patches.  reverse side with hidden storage area!

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Now what?! Doors get stuck, broken, locked. ACW “In the field” documentary

Well you either broke it, or it stopped working… either way you need to get in that room

By: ACW Tactical usa. Offering support & capability via useful gear & resources…for life’s adventure

Here we encountered a problem door.  Place:  Interior room of an older house.  Conditions:  This handle became in operable, rendering the door stuck.  The room was the homes laundry and bathroom facility and utility closet so it’s kinda bothering the owners after 2 days of the door being stuck closed….

 Click here…  This post will be linked to a previous post on door entry as there are obvious similarities. 

Continue reading Now what?! Doors get stuck, broken, locked. ACW “In the field” documentary