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MAC-Gyver “possibilities kit” review

ACW Tactical: MAC-Gyver Kit review by the Liberty report’s Nick Torres

  • In depth review of a unique survival, utility/preparedness pack.

Recently, I have got the chance to review a company known as ACW Tactical. The product that I have received from them is known as their “Mac-Gyver” kit. Now when you hear the name MAc-Gyver if you have ever watched the original show or the remake of the show, you will know that Mac-Gyver is someone that is known for coming up with fancy gadgets and quick fixes for whatever situation that he is in. With this kit, we see that we now have the capabilities of doing such things as Mac-Gyver now.

Going over the pack

The pack is something else, I would say. The first thing that I would like to go over with is the ways I can attach this pack. On the back of the pack, we see that there is a separate backing that velcros on. On the velcro portion of the pack, we see that there are two Molle Straps. I will be the first to tell you that I love to use Molle straps. I have a lot of different items that I can Molle this kit down too, so with the capability to use Mollee straps the combinations are endless. With the velcro on the back, I would like to say as well that we are looking at something that can be beneficial as well. With the ability to velcro this down to a surface we cut down on the risk of the pack moving while a vehicle is moving.

When it comes to the inside of the pack, I would like to go over this as well. When the pack is fully open there are seven different compartments that open up, holding different items that are pre-selected from ACW Tactical.

Notable features: 

  1. Carrying handle
  2. A strap that runs over the front to buckles over the top to keep kit inside secure
  3. Ability to Strap small pouches on front (Molle)
  4. Velcro on front for patches

What’s in the kit?

(* Due to the number of items included in the pack, I will be going over a few different ones that have piqued my interest)

“What’s not in the kit?”, is what I would say when it comes to ACW Tactical’s Mac-Gyver Kit. Opening the pack we see in the even different compartments, ACW has picked out items that I believe are extremely beneficial to the user of the pack. The first thing that I would like to go over is the fact that there is a multi-tool in the pack. I believe that the multi-tool is something everyone should keep on them at all times. It is something that has a multitude of uses, and I never leave home without one. The fact that there is also one in the kit, shows that I am not the only one that thinks the way that I do. 

The next item on the list that has sparked an interest in my review is the fact that there is a small medical kit in the bottom pouch. I believe that having a medical kit is something that should be in any type of pack. No matter how big it is or what is in it; being able to have this is extremely beneficial to the user for a medical situation that can arise anywhere. 

The kit does provide the user with multiple different gauges of wires as well. When it comes to this I find that this could be extremely beneficial for the individual who is utilizing the kit. These different wires can have many different uses and one being that of a snare trap for when you find yourself in a situation that you need to find food out in the wild.

I have found there are some other different items that I believe have a proper place in this kit. There are clear, large plastic bags that have multiple uses, such as saving up water, ponchos, keeping clothes dry and used to carry different items that you need to collect in situations. In the pack as well, I found that we are given something that I find extremely beneficial and that is a chem light. When it comes to a chem light, this is something that I believe is extremely useful just as much as the first aid items. When it comes to the chem light, we are able to use it for the direst situations such as keeping track of someone when there is no power and also to signal individuals that may be looking for you in a time of crisis. 

Do you think this pack is practical?

Absolutely, when it comes to the kit, I think that this is 110% practical for anyone that finds the need for themselves to want to prepare for anything that may happen in the future. There are 1000 different ways that you can use these items that are allotted to you from the company. The term, “ you get what you pay for,” is something that I find extremely applicable to this kit. The Mac-Gyver kit from ACW is definitely not cheap, but when it comes to being able to survive in situations that I find myself in, the price definitely doesn’t matter to me.

Final Thoughts and Would You Chance Anything?
I would have to say that when it comes to this pack, the only thing that I would wish to see is the pack to come in more than just 2 colors. I find myself using different forms of patterns when it comes to my gear, mainly being Multicam at this time. This really is the only thing that I can find myself saying anything negative about when it comes to the kit. I find that the multiple ways that I am able to apply the gear involved in this kit is something to be applauded. Being ready for anything and the fact that you are able to have the tools to address situations is something to give praise too.

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ACW “MacGyver” pack: generation II is on it’s way…

Well, almost have them finished but want to give some of our members a first view of the latest prototype of our Macgyver pack.

The ACW “MacGyver” pack: Generation II variant

Any feedback or comments via E-mail or in the comment sections are very welcome as we aim to please and support the best way possible… In the last several months we have been considering options and listening to our team-mates / members for input.

Our latest design is an improvement on an already great pack.

Here are a few shots for now…

Back view

Bottom view

Front view

Here are a few Notable adjustments and additions to the Gen II ACW Mac pack:

  • More “D” rings for more options to the end user ( straps, leg rigs, tie-offs etc )
  • Removable carrying handle that has 2 specially designed straps for strapping gear or the bag itself to items in different scenarios.  Also handy for a variety of applications and options you may think of.  Hey our middle name is variety when it comes to options.  The more possibilities the better
  • Removable back panel “stiffened” for more effective use in the field
  • MOLLE loops on sides and bottom for even more options.  Best yet is what we are designing to be able to utilize these as an option ( our SAT pouches, or Satellite pouches), more on that later, but they are stand alone pouches that can strap to the new Mac pack for extra options !  Not only that, they can be quickly removed with our custom designed webbing for lighter travel and mission specific roles when the entire pack is not needed.  The Generation II Mac pack can carry up to 5 of these pouches for a fully loaded system of goodies…
  • Overall size has a very slight increase.  Just enough to barely notice visually, but enough to make a difference in ease of use and storage
  • Webbing clips for optional shoulder strap or other gear
  • Front Velcro Tie down tabs for loading options, including the SAT pouches
  • minor interior adjustments and more

Note:  New available colors will include Black!

We want to give you all a chance to reserve the new pack, at the old pack price,  so we can forward a promo code when the new gear is ready!

Just drop us an email if interested


‘’ It is not the strongest that survive nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change ”

Cheers from the ACW team!


* We will update on info regarding our SAT pouches ASAP…

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