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Protective Masks are running low (in stock for now) …

Releasing more of our Reserve N95, KN95, Surgical mask for members & Front-line personnel

Hey Members!

Just a short friendly alert to snatch up any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the form of MASKS that we are selling out of. Want to make sure this newsletter/article reaches our supporters and members first and foremost.

So yeah, we have a few of these KN95’s for “just in case” scenarios. Well this is one of those times.

We are after all a Preparedness company, focused on supporting our people. As such, we have some stocks of masks, including the KN95 (turns out they are even more comfortable that our N95’s based on feedback).

The masks are almost identical in performance to the N95 masks that so many are struggling to find.

PLEASE pass along this info to anyone who works in the “hot spots” so that they have access.

We are limiting the N95’s and KN95’s to one per member, and the basic level 1 surgical masks to 10… UNLESS you are:

  • VETERANS /ACTIVE DUTY (sorry, but we believe you deserve preferential treatment)
  • LEO (all Law Enforcement Officers )
  • ANY TYPE OF FIRST RESPONDER (Firefighters, EMT’s, Rangers, Troopers etc, etc)
  • HEALTHCARE WORKERS (all Nurses , NP’s, LPN’s, Doctors, therapists etc. If you work in a healthcare facility, or in support)
  • FOOD SERVICE/ESSENTIAL STORE WORKERS (Grocery, utility, janitors, etc. )

If you are, tell us in your order notes for a “promo code” to buy more without shipping costs

click here to see our protective masks product page

It pays to prep, sometimes we stop and think, boy i’m lucky. Sometimes we should keep in mind, wherever we are in life is due in large part to each and every decision made UP to any given moment.

“Luck favors the well prepared”

(A good attitude helps some also)

If you don’t have one (or 3 ) by now, discover our useful life & survival booklet:

or at:

– Side note on our Compact field manual, AKA “Pocket survival guide”: There is a section on how to “DIY” an expedient protective mask using common items we sell on our website, or things you may have around the house.

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