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ACW tactical Field Manual ( latest version complete)

Do you or loved ones Know how to Jump a car? convert decimals to fractions or Fahrenheit to Celsius? Proper place setting for supper? Stay warm if stranded? build a fire? Tie a fishing knot?  First aid?  Uses for common everyday items?  Basic edible plants?  Useful formulas and facts?  Basic skills we should all know to be self sufficient as adults and teachers of our young.…/the-acw-compact-reference…/

What is it ?  Something else we made because there was nothing like it.  Perfect for absolutely anyone, especially the Survivalist, Preppers  the  MacGyver-ist, those seeking knowledge points.  Extra nice to have for students, out doors people, fact geeks and just about anyone.  Art and written/compiled by Cargen. Copywright 2016.
Compact reference & field guide Comes standard with the “acw Macgyver fully loaded any scenario kit”  seen here.